BuySquare aims to provide merchant the most efficient online marketing platform to acquire and to manage customer. With the motto of "Being the true partner of your business", BuySquare expands the market to those formerly un-servable, solves all the major flaws in the current daily deal model, and operates at low cost and with a low price point to quickly drive market adoption. BuySquare has a patent pending technology, is beta testing its platform and is in the process of raising capital.

Proxpur Labs aims to redefine the apparel shopping experience by blurring the virtual and physical worlds, enabling retailers and brands to interact with customers at every consumer touch point: online, on the phone, in the store...anywhere, anytime. The platform empowers customers to find items that are available, in their size. This feature increases in-store visits and purchases, while improving inventory turnover and cost margins. Furthermore, the platform evolves the engaging experience with its exclusive "Shopper Relationship Management" (SRM) system which empowers store associates to engage with customers directly.

Blaze™ Mobile is a developer of fully integrated mobile commerce solutions for handheld devices. With capabilities that allow a broad range of commercial transactions from banking, payments to ticket sales, Blazeâ„¢ Mobile is at the forefront of the burgeoning mobile commerce market. Partnering with major wireless carriers, handset OEM's , and other value added providers, Blazeâ„¢ Mobile provides both on and off-deck solutions for consumers to conduct a host of safe and secure transactions (balance inquiry, transaction history, bill presentment, payment and transfer functionality, ticketing, coupon, rewards, etc.) via their mobile phone. The Blazeâ„¢ Mobile Advertising Network (BMAN) offers advertisers a cost effective platform that effectively reaches consumers with relevant promotional campaigns including coupons and targeted ads.

Shastic is planting a seed in the Bay Area to promote live events through social networks. We provide tools for venues and artists to showcase and distribute their shows, album content and portfolios through social media channels such as facebook, twitter and others. Shastic has a patent pending for its technology, is beta testing its Talentflow(TM) platform with venue and artist customers and is in the process of raising capital.

CodeEval is a SaaS platform for automated code evaluation based on a variety of metrics. With applicability in several fields including academia and recruiting, CodeEval intends to be the de-facto standard for measuring individual capability and performance.

Power2Switch is a web portal that allows small business electricity consumers to view and contract competitive electricity prices from eligible suppliers. The site enables consumers to reduce electricity expenses and/or support alternative energy. Power2Switch is in the early customer acquisition stage, and is an offsite Berkeley Ventures company.

FI InfoNet is an information portal site focused on the financial services market. We are creating a unique blend of features and technologies that will maximize member return probability, advertiser value, community building and integration with other popular services. FI InfoNet is in the product development stage and not currently seeking funding or additional team members.


WAPIS is bringing a radical new approach to clean energy prospecting. We are developing a technology that, if effective, will create a new level of cost efficiency for the production of clean energy. Our goal is to make clean energy the lowest cost energy source available. WAPIS is in the team formation stage, stealth mode and not currently seeking funding.

Virtual Labs

Test and Measurement (T&M) instruments form a significant portion of the R&D budget of technology companies. However, the costs of providing access to these instruments to every engineer within the organization are prohibitive. Virtual Lab solves this problem by offering a secured low cost internet-based testing solution to engineers. The solution also allows engineers to manage and store their results for collaborative testing, saving 40% on their equipment costs and doubling their productivity.