Where you locate your startup is a critical first decision.  There are only 3 or 4 locations in the United States that understand the startup culture.  And there is only one Bay Area/Silicon Valley. 

We are located in Berkeley, California; 15 minutes from one of the world’s great universities.  That gives our startups access to unparalleled resources and a large and expert talent pool to draw from.

Technology Cluster

The Bay Area leads in startup companies, angel and VC funding, IPO's and a network of lawyers, investment bankers, consultants and others who know the industry inside out.  The Bay Area also has the most talented pool of technical and business people of anywhere in the world.

Berkeley Ventures puts you in a technology cluster ideal for networking and business opportunities.  Your startup gets an important boost by not having to worry about basic issues like space, desks, internet access and much more.

Leveraged Infrastructure

On the first floor is a large shared space that facilitates interaction between companies.  There is a conference room and five private offices for meetings, quiet work and confidential calls.  Upstairs is another conference room and more open space for cubicles or other arrangements. Both floors have a shared kitchen area.

Solar Development

The building has 30 kw of solar panels. As one of the larger installations in Berkeley it's a perfect development lab for solar IT companies.

You get exactly what you need: an initial period of free rent, no deposit and a month-to-month lease to reduce risk and maximize flexibility.